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Fertilization of trees is a tool we use for four distinctly different reasons. Trees in Central Texas need a little help from time to time in the form of fertilization.

  • Native trees, well adapted to our poor soils, should be fertilized once every 4 or 5 years. To do so more often usually isn't needed and can even be harmful.
  • Fertilization is also used to help make small trees grow faster. Newly planted trees in the landscape can be helped along by annual fertilization for a minimal price. In the nursery, most trees are fertilized each time they are watered. Once planted in a yard and forgotten, most folks wonder why their trees stop growing. The answer is fertilizer.
  • The third use for fertilization is to replace a missing micro or macro nutrients in the soil. This is best accomplished with a soil test to determine the missing component(s). Few companies in town actually do their own in-house soil testing. At Austin Tree Specialists, we can test your soil and provide the proper balance of nutrients to get your trees into the best possible shape.
  • The fourth reason to fertilize is to help root damaged trees put on more roots. This often occurs around construction sites or with the replacement or installation of buried utilities. Fertilization with added root stimulants can often save root damaged trees when done properly.

We use a method we call "prescriptive fertilization." Each tank of fertilizer is individually formulated for the tree, the neighborhood, and the individual problem to get the best possible results. We know of no one else in Central Texas who does this or gets the results we do.

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