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As a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, Pat offers consultations on all tree problems. Everything from simple disease and insect diagnosis, tree selection, tree identification, tree protection during construction, cultural practices around trees, tree appraisals, and expert witness testimony.

For the last 25 years, Pat has been studying the structural and mechanical aspect of trees to learn why trees fail and how to identify trees that are likely to fail. Traveling as far as Europe to hear the best experts on the subject, Pat has become well versed in dynamics of tree mechanics and can offer suggestions to prevent large limb (or whole tree) failure from happening. To have your trees evaluated for their overall health and mechanical integrity, set up a consultation with Pat before your trees begin to fail.

In and around construction, trees need to be protected to insure their survival. It's best to get the arborist involved before breaking ground. On a construction consultation, we can tell you which trees are likely to survive construction and which trees won't. We also work closely with the City Arborist to comply with the City's tree protection standards and can help you through a sometimes-difficult process of building in and around trees in Austin.

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